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Short bio
Born, Live in Seoul, Works all around of Earth

Junkhouse studied design multimedia in Seoul. She then completed a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a master’s degrees in multimedia design in Melbourne, Australia. She has been working on public art, street art, installations, objects, and graphics, pushing the boundaries between these fields and styles. Since 2005 she has participated in several group exhibitions and projects in Korea and overseas in countries such Germany, Spain, Singapore and Australia, and she has held more than six solo exhibitions with titles such as 'Monster House', 'Mutant' and 'Urban Life'.
In addition, she is currently working actively in collaboration with many brands including Yeongdeungpo Time square, Sangsang Madang, MLB, Biothem, DKNY, Pancot, LuLulemon and FILA.

在首尔学习多媒体设计,后又转站欧洲,在墨尔本毕业,获于影像设计学士和多媒体设计硕士。从有机对象中找到合适的形象,通过作家的想象,诞生出新的生命体。这样的工作正在从公共美术、街边艺术、 Installation、 Objects、 Graphic等无边界的工作中展开。2005年一开始,从国内外(巴西、德国、西班牙、新加坡、澳洲等)带来了各个团体展及项目。‘'Monster House’、‘ Mutant’、‘城市生命体’等以此为标题,开了6次以上的个人展。在此之外永登浦时代广场、想象殿堂与MLB、 Biothem、 DKNY、 Pancot、 LuLulemon、 FILA等与很多品牌和进行合作,并活跃的活动中。

ソウルでデザインマルチメディアを勉強し、オーストラリアのメルボルンでグラフィックデザイン学士とマルチメディアデザイン修士課程を卒業した。有機的なオブジェクトから探し出したイメージは作家の想像力を通して新しい生命体に誕生させる作業を、公共美術、ストリートアート、Installation、Objects、Graphicなど、警戒の無い作業を展開している。 2005年をはじめ、内外(ブラジル、ドイツ、スペイン、シンガポール、豪州など)いろんな団体展およびプロジェクトなどを経て、「Monster House」、「Mutant」、「都市生命体」等といったタイトルで6回以上の個人展を開催した。それ以外に、永登浦タイムスクエア、想像広場、 MLB、Biothem、 DKNY、Pancot、 LuLulemon、FILA等々、多数のブランドとコラボレーション作業を進行し活発な活動を行っている。

Artist Note

“Everything that exists, regardless of size and material, are lifeforms that breathes.”

Junkhouses’ works are based on hers concept of Organicism. In a nutshell, new lifeforms are born through the artist’s eyes and imaginations on inorganic objects. These inorganic objects may be something that the artist doodled, expressing the rigid objects such as houses, buildings, images, or keywords within hers unconsciousness, processed into the metaphysics and then finally born as a new and live organic image.
And these images do not just stay on the canvas. The artist would often take the images outside onto the public walls, providing them new setting to proliferate. These images may get ripped off immediately, or remain there for a day or two or, sometimes longer than usual.

Junkhouse lived in an environment where industrialization and constructions by humans have reached the limit throughout hers life, deep within the scent of concrete and co-existing with the other inorganic, stiff objects. It could be observed that it was easier for her to observe, perceive and produce hers organic images because she had been living in such an environment.

Moreover, she perceived the city as one giant organism.
The city continuously changes, whether naturally or artificially, evolve and mutate. Therefore, because the images and environment that she survives move and evolve, her forms mix and combine with each other, transform into geometic figures and forms, and finally, proliferate after reincarnation into the new formes metamorphoses.

Junkhouse will continue to find, observe and show us the co-exisiting materials and objects that we do not easily perceive, showing their own real world and transforming them through her unlimited imagination.

Junk House被理解为有机体,是以即兴想象或样子的形象而存在的。
Junk House是一个可以绘画的地方,因为对于形态的色彩的调和是最看重的。用调和好比率的状态画好素描之后,通过颜色来找准整个图片的比率和调色。所有的形态都披上了美丽的色彩,色彩配合着形态,这样就诞生了一副新的作品。就这样不断的发掘新事物,并去制作它,这就是快乐的去寻找美学的过程。


Master of Multimedia Design - Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, 2003 (Aug)
Bachelor of Graphic Design - RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, 2001 (Dec)
Diploma of Design Multimedia - Induk University, Seoul, South Korea, 2001 (Feb)

Solo exhibiton
2014 “Met City life Form in the Unitt Space”, Unitt space gallery, Shinchoelwon
2014 “City life Form”, AK Gallery, Suwon
2011 “Beautiful Mutants” , Gallery AURA Flat, Seoul
2011 “Monster Park”, Hanaart Gallery, Insadong, Seoul
2010 “Pinocchio Monster”, lotte gallery, Ilsan
2009 “Monsterlism”, mini arte, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
2009 “Monster House”, Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul

Group exhibition & Project

2020 “Desire Lines” Duet show, EverydayMoonday Gallery, Seoul

2019 “To the Moon with SNOOPY”, Lotte Museum , Seoul
         “GMoMa Public Art Project 2015-2018: with, Together”, GMoMa, Geyounggi
         “Playful 2019”, oksu, Seoul
         “The imaginarium of OZ ”, 田子坊 Shangai, China

2018 “Playful 2018”, Oksu, Seoul
        “Living Fair 2018", Kintex, ILsan

2017 “Leaving Place”, Seoul forest gil, Seoul

2014 “Graffiti Effect”, sejong museum, exhibition 1 hal, Seoul
        “Arch-Adventure”, Clayarch gimhae museum, gallery 4, Gimhae
2013 “13 Project”,MASSISM Gallery No.1, Seoul
        “Coexistence”, Gallery Golmok, Seoul
        “A midsummer night dream - ART Plage 2013”, Lotte KB Gallery ,Busan
2012 “China & Korea Creative Graffiti Art Fair”, Shanghai Uni Gallery, Shanghai, China
        “PARTE - Contempory Art Fair”, Sao Paulo, Brazil
        “New York Comic Con”, NYC, USA
        “T-day SQZ”, JazzMas Gallery, Seoul
        “Urban Void” Platoon Kunstalle, Seoul
         “Seoul DDKA”, Guerrilla Cultural Movement Seoul
        “100 Cube2” Gallery Golmok, Seoul
2011 “Thank You! 2011 ‘Gift & Party’” LOTTE Gallery, Busan
        “Homo Origian + Mutants”, Gallery Golmok, Itewon, Seoul
        “The Release Project” , Indie space Agit, Busan
        “Scribbles of Seoul”, 8TH gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2010 “Passion”, gallery young, Seoul
        “Seoul Design Fair 2010”, Experience Hall of Idea imagination, Jamsil Sports Complex, Seoul
        “Art Collaboration”, Sangsangmadnag, Seoul
2009 “x-mas Monsters”, The Siuter, Seoul
        “T-project”, Samgsung Theater, Busan
        “®OCHO Global and Colourful” , mini arte, Belorizonti, Brazil
        “4th HABITS”, gallery ctrt, Seoul
        “TNT T-Shirt”, Kunsthalle, Seoul
        “100 cube”, gallery Biim, Seoul
        “Design Warriors charicator”, Singapore
2008 “Art-mas”, Tom n space, Seoul
        “Valuable to Sreet Art”, gallery Sogool, Seoul
2007 “Wachi Fichuz Project Serse 2”, Argentina
        “420ml Present”, gallery on, Seoul
        “The little bird project”, J3FM GALLERY HANNOVER, Germany
        “BlockBuster-Korea Street Art Collection”, Gyoungsung uni gallery, Busan
2006 “Hongdea Street Art Exhibition”, Seoul
2005 “I love beer mats Projet”, Spain

2011 Indie culture space AGIT, Busan
2010 Cheonju Nambu Market 1th, Cheonju
2009 Platoon Kunsthalle 1th (studio B), Seoul

2013 'Street Art & Doodle' (Childern), Samcheon Culture & Education Center, Cheonju
2012-13 'Creative Idea with Doodling' (Childern), Haja Cnter(Amway)
2010 'Creative Arts Lab - Self Expression', Culture & Education Center, Gwangju
2008 'Doodle - How to think Creative Imagination', Nowon Madel Creative Education Center, Seoul